Taking a Bull's Eye View
For more years than I care to remember trying to image places, objects and creatures the way they make me feel, have finally lead to the launch of this selected catalogue of photographs.

Recently stimulated by my involvement in some extremely fulfilling local photo-arts projects in my home region of East Kent in the UK, I am as enthusiastic as ever in looking around me and seeking out the ways in which to show the world in two dimensions.

Things are different and more immediate than they used to be of course. The darkroom hours have passed for me and the bright light of the screen replaces all that these days. I still keep some restraint however. Trying to adjust the original capture only in those traditional ways, the dodge, the burn etc (oh and sometimes the "paintbrush" I admit).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the views I have cajoled from my film and digital cameras.
Please check back when you can to see updates and new images.

Happy viewing.
Philip Bull